Historial Publications

Marketing publications (brochures) in their time were developed to illustrate the then present aspects of CH2M HILL to prospective and current clients. Today, these documents contain a wealth of information about the then history of the firm, its people, its projects, and the organizational structure (engineering disciplines). CH2M HILL Alumni and past and present clients are encouraged to contact Gordon Koblitz should they find such documents among their files.

The publications, brochures, and videos found thus far are:

Retiree/Alumni Newsletters

In the fall of 1995 the concept of strong relationships between CH2M HILL and its retirees began a process that would benefit all concerned. With the full support of Ralph Peterson, the then CEO of CH2M HILL, the first retiree newsletter was issued April 1996. Ken Stuart and CH2M founder, Jim Howland, became the first volunteer co-editors. Their stated mission was “The mission of our retiree group is to foster strong positive relations between the firm and the retirees [then about 275], and to tap this retiree resource (PDF) to the benefit of all.”

Subsequently on August 10, 2006, some ten years and 18 newsletters later, co-editors Jim Howland and C.Y. Sheih announced that Gordon Koblitz, then a pending retiree from DFW, who had volunteered (PDF) to “help” soon found that the “help” evolved into to taking over this task. As in the first decade, the Retiree / Alumni Newsletters have continued to receive great support from the retirees and alumni and from CH2M HILL. Most importantly, the 1996 mission statement has today become even stronger and well supported!

Below you will see a Retire / Alumni Newsletter “Table of Contents” beginning with today’s current newsletter and then working back to April 1996. Enjoy the technology and graphic development over time led by CH2M HILL in support of our Retirees and Alumni. The two most current Newsletters are available to Association members. All other Newsletters are available to all Alumni.

Should you have questions and/or comments please contact Gordon Koblitz.