Much has been said, sometimes with a bit of hyperbole, about the stalwart heroes and heroines who founded and steered CH2M HILL to the heights of glory it enjoys today. An unintended oversight is the role that their spouses, husbands or wives, played in the arduous journey from the early days in the mid-1940s, right up to today. They are amongst the true, invisible, unsung heroes and heroines who contributed immensely to the growth of CH2M HILL. Their sacrifices are legendary; their patience and understanding have been unlimited; their strengths have been a resource that has been drawn on continuously over the decades by all who worked their hearts out to make CH2M HILL succeed.

The commentaries shown below by some of these spouses summarize the reactions and personal experiences of only a few of those who worked tirelessly, side-by-side with their spouses during multiple moves, sometimes domestic, but very often international. All required uprooting the family and sometimes meant prolonged overseas assignments. In instances when spouses, and sometimes entire families were moved to a foreign country, their reactions to leaving the comfort of their homes to make a new life in a foreign environment illustrates both the joys and the frustrations resulting from that decision.

At present we have been able to highlight only a few instances of spousal sacrifice wherein loyal CH2M HILL wives or husbands were subjected to the difficulties attendant to establishing a new home in order that their spouse might accept an assignment for a new project or career change. We’d like to be able to share with our readers many more stories in this genre. So come on, all you unsung heroes and heroines—let us hear from you; we promise to add your experiences to those already listed. We’re sure they will make interesting reading. E-mail your recollections to Gordon Koblitz.

Julie Bielman
Ruth (“Meisy”) Howland
Myrna Wierson
Babs Suhr