(The People Who Created The Mold and Beyond)

The ultimate success or failure of any growing enterprise rests heavily on the leadership qualities of its executives and managers coupled with the strong support of a capable technical and administrative staff. CH2M was blessed with an ample supply of just such a group of outstanding managers who surrounded themselves with a small but efficient and dedicated support staff during its earliest days.

There are a number of talented individuals who cast their lot with a struggling company during its earlier years who deserve mention for their loyal, faithful service during those trying years as the firm went from infancy to puberty to adolescence. The people listed below are singled out because they contributed something very special during times when their unique talents and unstinting loyalty were greatly needed by the firm.

In the decades following, the company expanded across the country and globally. New government regulations like the Clean Water Act, Safe Drink Water Act, Superfund and others demanded hiring more well-qualified, dedicated engineers, technicians, scientists and the all-important support staff. We are proud of all the alumni who followed in the footsteps of the pioneers and made CH2M HILL a global powerhouse. We welcome all alumni to contact Don Marske and submit their Biography.