The early years were indeed very important and special for both CH2M (then known as Cornell, Howland, Hayes and Merryfield) and a separate, equally old, and revered firm, known then as Clair A. Hill and Associates (CAHA). Collectively they were later known as CH2M HILL. The following video was recorded for those who attended, or could not attend, the 2013 Denver, Colorado, Retreat.

Our own retiree, Mike Kennedy, former CH2M HILL Transportation President, is our beginning narrator. Others are well documented by this video. In the video, Sid Lasswell (then just a CH2M partner) and Harlan Moyer (then just a senior Clair A Hill “Associate” employee and subsequently a CH2M HILL CEO) both talk about these very special “early years” in the then world of CH2M and CAHA.

Watch the Sid and Harlan Video. This Video is 30 minutes long and may take a while to open.