“During my first few months I just traveled around to the different offices to get acquainted,” McIntire said. I was blown away by the intelligence and commitment. It felt as if they didnt know how good they were.”

Between replacing such beloved iconic figure and the economic recess ion bearing down on the country, the climate surrounding Mcintire’s appointment was challenging to say the least. “Ralph’s passing came as a shock,” McIntire said. I knew how revered he was, and so I made a conscious decision not to attempt to be like him or try to fill his shoes.”

McIntire instead took a humbler approach. I tried to show respect; make it clear I was in awe of their capabilities and just be as straight as I could,” he said.

Mclntires collaborative, down-to-earth style what Peterson had recognized as his “soft skills” – made him a natural addition to the CH2M HILL family.  America‘s financial troubles, on the other hand, were tougher to navigate.

Source: CH2M – Building a Better World, page 267