Jim Black

Jim’s most challenging project was as project manager for design and implementation of the Information and Control System for the Changi Water Reclamation Plant in Singapore. This was one of the largest control systems in a water and wastewater facility in the world with 500,000 information and control points, 100 pulse programmable controls, 50 servers, and 4,000 color graphic displays. This is about 10 times greater than anything CH2M HILL has completed to date. The project was completed on time and $1 million under budget while achieving all the owner’s expectations and, as Jim tells us, most of John Filbert’s visions of grandeur.

Throughout his career, Jim focused on design and delivery of control systems projects, including tools and processes that provide more client value at a lower cost. He pioneered control system programming, developed data-driven approaches to information and control system delivery with the objective of reducing delivery cost, developed a suite of tools and processes that have proven to reduce control system delivery by up to 40 percent, and evolved the concept of integrating information with the control system to reduce client O&M cost.

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