Very quickly after Archie graduated from OSU, he became proficient in wastewater and water treatment design and served on the staff of the Oregon State Sanitary Authority and as an officer in the Sanitary Corps during World War II. He had also been part of the design team for the sewage treatment plant at Camp White near Medford.

When Archie applied for a position at CH2M, he was recognized as a talented individual. He was offered $250 a month to come on board, which was the same amount that the founding partners were drawing. Archie held out for $260 per month, and the partners agreed. As later events would prove out, this was one of the wisest decisions the hard working little group would ever make.

Archie was a great organizer of informal fishing and hunting expeditions to which clients were invited, thereby establishing and maintaining a strong personal bond with them. His strong personality and an outstanding sense of humor made him an unforgettable individual both socially and in professional circles.


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