The challenge facing the authors of this overview of the Global Years decade, has been and continues to be, what to choose as topics. Unlike past decades with the opportunity to look back with clarity to see what made history within CH2M HILL, one can only guess what this section might look like 10 years into the future. We solicit your input. Comments can be addressed to Dave Evans at

CH2M HILL’s quarterly publication, “Unlimited,” has to date been the sole source of potential history topics. The Topical Outline represents the current catalogue through 2009.

In its entirety the “Topical Outline” represents over 260 Unlimited article from 2000 through 2009 organized by the following index. This index is set-up to help the reader find articles of interest. For example if one clicks on hyperlink following the heading “An Index to The Global Years 2000 – 2009,” summaries of all 260 articles will appear. However if one clicks on the hyperlink following the heading “CH2M HILL – General,” the summary of articles is reduced to 23 articles. Elsewhere in the Topical Outline, where hyperlinks exist, similar sorting activities take place.

In all the summaries, should the reader wish to go beyond the “Topical Outline,” he or she can click on the hyperlink at the far right and read the entire referenced Unlimited article.

An Index to The Global Years 2000 – 2009

By Dave Evans