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Join The CH2M Hill Alumni Association!

Join The CH2M Hill Alumni Association!

Yes! We Alumni are now incorporated as a nonprofit Association.

The purpose of the Association is to preserve and maintain the relationships and friendships built during our association with CH2M HILL. To achieve this, we will maintain a roster of CH2M HILL alumni, publish a periodic newsletter, convene periodic reunions, and maintain and continue to build the Alumni History of CH2M HILL website. With the transitioning to Jacobs, several things needed to change.

First, future messages will be emailed to you by way of AWeber, our emailing service. This service is dependent on having your current email address. If you change your address, please remember to update us with your personal address.

Secondly, we have established an email account for the Association. You can now communicate with us at If you want to update your email address, have any questions regarding any of the activities of the Association, or if you have heard of any news of a fellow alum or of a new retiree, PLEASE drop us a line. We will respond as time permits pending our travel plans or grandchildren duties.

Finally, the firm has modestly financially supported all the foregoing services in the past. However, now with the transition to Jacobs, even that modest support is being terminated. Going forward we must now look to you, our fellow alums, to support the Association activities. Based on the current number of active alumni emails on our roster, we estimate that a modest schedule of dues will be sufficient to support the foregoing activities. With this, the Board of Directors has approved annual membership dues of $20. The Board also encouraged an additional donation to help defray ongoing startup costs of the association. A major portion of the 2019 donations will be used to significantly upgrade our Association website (accessibility, content, security, and enjoyment), member outreach program, and help to promote local member groups.

Lastly, Gordon’s very special January newsletter is now available for Members.

If you are still interested in joining us, please sign up below, and if so inclined, a donation will be appreciated. If not, no worries just click this link so we won’t pester you.

Thanks, and welcome aboard!

Don Marske
CHAA, Treasurer 
CH2M HILL Alumni Association Inc* Membership Opportunity

If you'd like to join and/or donate via check, please make it out to:

CH2M HILL Alumni Association Inc
c/o Don Marske
19 Ninos
Irvine, CA 92620

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