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Corvallis Fishing Trips

Corvallis Fishing Trips
Photos and captions contributed by Mac Stuart

1950s - the early years

Swede Nordquist & Archie Rice
Swede Nordquist & Archie Rice - Crane Prairie, about 1953

Earl Reynolds
Earl Reynolds

Group Photo
From L: Oscar Frial ?, Swede Nordquist (back to camera),
Bill Watters, Charlie Bayles, Vic Bredehoft, Dick Worthington ?,
Dale King, and Claude Gilbert. -- Crane Prairie

Sid Lasswell
Sid Lasswell

Group Photo
From L: Oscar Frial ?, Claude Gilbert, Charlie Bayles (face hidden),
Archie Rice, ? (hidden), Cliff Shaw, ? (hidden), Ken Stuart with
Vic Bredehoft behind him, Ed Greey,???, Mac Stuart, Don Lloyd,
Ken Bielman, Earl Reynolds, Bill Watters and ? Peters. --- Crane Prairie

Diamond Lake Lodge, 58 Café, near Crescent Junction
circa 1957

Group Photo

Front to back: Milt Hickey, Charlie Bayles, Archie Rice, ??, Mac Stuart, Harry Teel ? ...


Front to back: Bucky Messman, Oscar Frial, Jerry ?, Ken Stuart, Bill Watters

The 1970s

Bob Pailthorp
Bob Pailthorp - 1973

Ken Stuart
Ken Stuart - 1973

Bob and Ken
Bob and Ken - 1973

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