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Corvallis Fishing Trips

Corvallis Fishing Trips
by Ken Bielman with photos contributed by Bob Modrall

1957 in the La Pine area of Deschutes County near Bend

Harry Teel & Mac Stuart
Harry Teel on the right, and that's Mac Stuart chopping wood.

Dale King
Dale King

Ken Bielman
Ken Bielman

1959 at ???

Group Photo
I think these are: Fred Harem standing at the table;
Bill Watters bending over, and that's me (Ken Bielman) drinking coffee.

Dick Worthington
Dick Worthington catching a few zzzz ...

Dick Worthington & Horace Beene
Dick Worthington on the left; Horace Beene
- a close friend of Archie's that lived in Central Oregon,
and a superb fisherman who knew the best places to fish.
He attended almost all of the CH2M fishing trips into the LaPine area.

Charlie Schotts
Charlie Schotts, another good friend of Archie's,
and another very capable local fisherman.

By the Campfire
By the campfire - Oscar Frial left foreground; can't make out the others.

1960 at the Sheep bridge Campground between the Crane Prairie and Wickiup Reservoirs

Archie Rice
Archie Rice frying potatoes

Ken Bielman
That's me, Ken Bielman, broiling the steaks.

Norm Ward & Mac Stuart
Norm Ward & Mac Stuart undated at ??

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