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Always and Never

Always and Never
Reflections of Rick Luebbers, 2014

You may have noticed the message from Terry Ruhl regarding TBG employees with more than 40 years at CH2M HILL. I am fortunate to be one of those people. I have seen the firm grow from 700 people to more than 25,000, and our Transportation business grow from $12 million/yr to $1 billion/yr. Along the way, I had the good fortune to meet each of the company founders: Cornell, Howland, Hayes, Merryfield, and Hill. I learned a lot from them, as well as many other great mentors and leaders, and I distilled their collective wisdom in the "the single best piece of advice..." section of Terry’s message. This advice has served me well over the years, and I would suggest that operating along these lines will lead to a more interesting, productive, and rewarding professional career for those that follow.

"Always be honest and ethical. Always be a good business person. Always be a professional. Always do good high quality work. Always give the client more than they expect. Always fight to win. Always hire people smarter than you. Always be one step ahead. Always finish one thing each day. Always win more work than you can do. Always take pride in improving the quality of life for the community. Always take care of your family. Always take the hit and protect your people. Always remember that results trump process. Always wear cheap sunglasses."

"Never see limits. Never ever give up. Never give in to a client demand when you know it is wrong. Never back down from bigger competitors. Never apologize for being fairly paid for the value you provide. Never position for personal gain at the expense of the firm. Never ask someone to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself. Never forget that it is a small industry and you will see the same people in different roles over the years. Never take credit for the work of others. Never forget to smile. Never think that you are indispensable."