Bob Chapman

True to our training and culture, the Reunion Planning Committee has decided to put safety first and postpone our upcoming reunion, which has long been scheduled to be held in Atlanta September 17-19, 2020.   There is growing concern expressed by potential attendees about Corona Virus Pandemic risks to our alumni population in September, even if the pandemic peaks soon, as hoped.

After considering various factors and options, including feedback from our original scheduling, and review of our contract and consultation with Embassy Suites, the reunion has been rescheduled to October 14-16, 2021.  The good news is that Embassy Suites management has agreed to extend our current contract to this revised date without penalties, and honor the negotiated rates for meals, meeting rooms and special guest room rates!

Planning Committee members are of course very disappointed by the compelling need to postpose our reunion.  Plans for the event were coming together very well indeed. It is only April and about 100 guests had already registered for the reunion and/or banquet.  Some were arriving early or staying over a few days for additional sightseeing in the area while taking advantage of special room rates offered for extended stays by the Embassy Suites at Olympic Centennial Park.

New invitations will soon be sent to everyone with the 2021 dates.  However, no action is needed at this time for anyone who has already registered for the 2020 Reunion. Your registration fee will be applied to the 2021 rescheduled Atlanta Reunion along with any payments made for optional excursions. There may ultimately be some modest change in optional excursion costs associated with the year delay.  These will be addressed at a later time. 

If you would prefer to cancel your reunion reservation, contact Jim Schwing ( and make that request.  Jim will use features in the Greenvelope system to credit your card.

Anyone who hasn’t already registered for the Reunion and would like to attend the 2021 Reunion, you will be able to do so from the reissued invitation.

As a courtesy to us, Embassy Suites will transfer all current hotel reservations to the new dates (same weekdays) in 2021, including early arrivals and late departures, with the same reservation confirmation numbers.  So, if you plan or hope to attend in 2021, there is no action needed by you at this time. However, if you wish to cancel or modify your reservation, now or later, you can do so by using the current Embassy Suites reunion portal, or by calling Embassy Suites directly at 1-800-Embassy and referencing CH2M Alumni Reunion and providing your confirmation number. Please note that it is each guest’s responsibility to make, cancel or modify their reservation directly with Embassy Suites. Reservations can be cancelled up to 72 hours before your stay to avoid any charges to your credit card used to make the reservation. Please note that new, modified, or cancelled reservations for the new October 2021 Reunion are not able to be accepted in Embassy Suites reservations system until October 27, 2020. Please refer to the latest Greenvelopes Invitation for complete Embassy Suites hotel reservations information.

In addition, for those who may still wish to visit Atlanta this September and keep all or a portion of your existing reservation, Embassy Suites has generously set aside a block of 10 rooms at our special reunion rate of $189 per night, on a first come first served basis. If so, please make a new now reservation for this September directly with Embassy Suites by calling 1-800-Embassy and referencing Courtesy Rooms Block for CH2M Alumni Association. If you have any difficulties please contact Tinesha Franklin at Embassy Suites, 678-686-0753.

So…. mark your 2021 calendars, and “hold the thought” of joining together then for a reunion that will be even more special under these circumstances. There will plenty of folks to meet, things to learn, and sights to see. We are looking forward to seeing everyone in October 2021!

Meet the rest of your 2020 CHAA Reunion Committee … 

Jim Schwing

Mike Mynhier

Dennis Sandretto

Cliff Thompson

Terry Sheldon