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Living by the Little Yellow Book

Living by the Little Yellow Book

The Little Yellow Book is a pocket-size 4" x 6" book that was written by Jim Howland with illustrations by CH2M HILL staff, Bob Wehnert, and cover by Bill Shrader in the early 1980s. The book then and today is "pages of homespun business maxims interspersed with a handful of wry cartoons."

"The idea was to communicate the basic principles that the firm was built on: Do quality work. Keep faith with the client. Maintain high ethical standards. Hire good people and reward their efforts."

Today, as in the past, the Little Yellow Book, translated into many languages, is required reading by 30,000+ employees and is shared with many of their clients. View The Little Yellow Book (PDF) For the real old timers, the original version of the Yellow Book was published as the Red Book by Jim Howland in February 1978. View The Little Red Book (PDF)

"The book provides a living link with simple, old fashion values that helped the company thrive in a rapidly changing world" as described by the Albany, Oregon, Democrat Herald and Bennett Hall of the Corvallis Gazette-Times on April 5, 2008. View the Newspaper Article

Jim Howland, the last remaining Partner, passed away on August 28, 2008. View Jim's Biography

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