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2013 Retiree Reunion Highlights - Receptions

2013 Retiree Reunion Highlights - Receptions

In the evenings, we enjoyed receptions and nice dinners, laughed with old friends, and reminisced with honored guests.

Thanks to the efforts of Babs Suhr and Dave Evans, several spouses were able to attend. In addition to Babs Suhr, Ann Merryfield, Bette Petersen, Raeda Poirot, Sheila Coon, and Jodi Reynolds also attended.

The Crew

We also recognized the huge contribution that Steve Kavalec makes to our Alumni History website. Steve is our volunteer webmaster. Without his efforts, the website would simply not exist. We were pleased that he and his wife Joan were able to join us for the Monday night reception. If you haven't yet visited the site, we invite you to browse to see not only his efforts, but the the contributions of the entire crew pictured here.

For the first time we also honored retirees who passed since the last reunion with an In Memoriam slideshow that was running during the Tuesday night reception and Wednesday night dinner at the Denver Campus. See Video... (Large file, may take a few minutes to open)

Following are photos of the attendees enjoying the receptions.

Vern, Carol Anne, & Mike
Vern & Carol Anne Nelson & Mike Lucki, CFO

Valerie & Jerry
Valerie & Jerry Eggleston

Steve & Carol
Steve & Carol Aasheim

Starla & Tom
Starla & Tom Haslip

SMyrna & Les
Myrna & Les Wierson

Lyle & June Ann
Lyle & June Ann Hassebroek

Karen & Dale
Karen & Dale Cannon

John, Alison & Dan
John Lee & Alison & Dan Sterley

Don & Joan
Don & Joan Marske

John & Genevieve
John & Genevieve Filbert

Judy & Sid
Judy & Sid Lasswell

Mary & Jerry
Mary & Jerry Boyle

Gordon & Mary
Gordon & Mary Koblitz

Julie & Ken
Julie & Ken Bielman

Jim & Angie
Jim & Angie Jodie

Bob & Meredith
Bob & Meredith Chapman

Arlen & Elaine
Arlen & Elaine Borgen

Rick & Mary
Rick & Mary Reid

Betty & Raeda
Betty Peterson & Raeda Poirot

Babs & Carol
Babs Suhr and Carol Irving

Dave, Ruth & Marge, Mike
Dave & Ruth Ellison & Marge & Mike Mynhier

Sam, Mike, & Mike
Sam Iapalluci, Mike Fisher, & Mike Lucki

Joan & Wyatt
Joan & Wyatt McCallie

Sheila & Jodi
Sheila Coon & Jodi Reynolds

Jacque & Betty
Jacque Hinman & Betty Peterson

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